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  • Who We Are

    Camouflage Promotions is the brainchild of Alison (Ali) Carter and a new collective of experienced creatives supporting the development of emerging Creative Business. We've torn up the rule book and together we're creating new and empowering ways of working.


    We support independent artists, with a variety of creative and business services to enable the progression of both existing and emerging talent. We're all about careful strategising, with a down to earth, value for money, common sense attitude.


    Our collective is made up of creative industry professionals who are specialists in their respective areas. Most importantly we have a passion for creative business independence. We believe artists should be given the support to develop their art as a sustainable business without the typical demands associated with large agencies and corporates.



    Bespoke, Tailored Packages

    We offer tailored support services and packages to independent artists, and for those wishing to develop and manage their own projects.From initiating a project idea, holding your hand as you make that leap of faith, right through to production, live shows, promotions and touring, we're here to provide the help you need to develop your creative business and share it with the world.


    Our services include:


    • Artist Development
    • Mentoring
    • Crowd Funding Campaigns 
    • Performance Coaching
    • Concert Booking
    • Tour Logistics & Management 
    • Business Admin
    • Writing Grant Applications
    • Photography
    • Graphic Design
    • Marketing
    • Merchandise Design and Production
    • Music Production
    • Voice Overs
    • Jingles
    • Mixing and Mastering
    • Promotional Films
    • Online & social media content

    Get in touch with us to talk about how we can help you develop your project.


  • Updates

    New projects

    "Pop Up Label" - PUL

    Marketing and Business Development Strategy

    Launch of a new project in the UK.

    PUL is run by creative entrepreneurs who are challenging the conventions of the old school music business model,

    and tackling the barriers to entry usually associated with conventional record labels and management companies.


  • Camouflage People

    Alison Carter

    Director, Project Management, Business Development.

    Michael Rendall



    Lija Rolavs

    Voiceovers/session vocals

    Soulpersona - SPR 

    Producer, Arranger, Composer & Remixer

    Ashley Slater

    Musician, Composer, Arranger, Producer

    Paul Bradshaw

    Media Consultant and Project Development

    Jemima Duncalf

    Graphic Design and PR Support

    Jonny D Henson

    Video Production

    Adam Davies

    Film - live events and documentaries

    Matty Daley

    Video Production and Graphic Design 

  • Projects

    Our organisation works with a wide variety of clients from a diverse range of entertainment and arts businesses, 

    multiple music genres, established artists, emerging talent and business start-ups entering the independent sector.

    Freedom: The Art of Improvisation

    Website and film promo content development for this successful East End music promotion.

    Momentum - Soulpersona

    Album launch on 2nd October 2015, followed by live shows in 2016.

    Featuring an international array of exquisite vocal talents:

    • Princess Freesia
    • Pete Simpson
    • Deborah Bond
    • Darien
    • Tahirah Asha Memory
    • Dennis Bettis

    Carleen Anderson's

    Cage Street Memorial

    Website Development to help promote this new multi media production.

    In Development:

    The Great Jamaican Songbook Experience

    A new musical theatre production and educational outreach programme for 2016.

    Warriors International

    Project development and marketing for this new London based music and arts organisation.


    New album mixed and mastered by Michael Rendall, cover artwork by Simon T Bramley.

  • Services

    Take a look at what we can do - if there's something we've missed out, let us know, we can probably cover that too.


    Get in touch for a detailed quotation and bespoke packages.

    Creative Consultation

    Not sure how to get your idea off the ground, and need someone with a common sense approach to talk to ?

    A Skype or Telephone consultation with one of our team will get the ball rolling for you. 

    Crowd Funding Campaigns

    We'll devise and run a campaign to raise funding for your project. Taking away the worry and stress of the day to day administration and production of marketing content. In return we ask for a small percentage of the total raised. 

    Business Mentoring

    A 2 hour Skype or Telephone Consultation plus online support. We'll help you build a business plan that works for your project. Saving you time and money. 

    Merchandise design, production, distribution

    We've got you covered, get in touch to discuss your merchandise requirements.

    Tour logistics and support

    We've got it covered with tour management and crewing personnel resources. Give us a call.

    PR & Marketing

    We'll create a bespoke campaign that will captivate your audience and raise the profile of your work. 

    Film & Photography

    From band photos, to Instagram films, micro budget and beyond, we have what it takes to promote your image, your style and your music to your international audience. 

    Graphic Design and Printing

    Competitively priced design and print service, with fast and efficient turn around.

    Going Social?

    We can help you build that all important online presence  with a variety of social media packages for a one off fee, or a monthly subscription.

    Event and Project Management

    Our in house expertise can assist with event and project management.

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